Time by Bob Gotti

Friend, as the moments tick away, we can see the end of another day,
And as time continues marching on, soon we see another year is gone.
Friend, time for no one will stand still, but it continues on by God’s will.
And time each day does not change, for every man it stays the same.
All time by God has one set pace, for every man in this human race.
The only thing that varies friend, is your own beginning and your end,
That single day of your own birth, the very day you arrived on earth.
And the day that you shall depart, from this place you had your start.
At that point again time will be, the same for all throughout eternity.
The length of time you will endure, is the time will call forevermore.
Once in eternity you have a start, you will find that you won’t depart.
Throughout eternity there is no end, this truth is fact for all my friend.
The length of the coming eternity, is the end of any and all similarity.
There is one of two places friend, where in eternity you shall spend.
For when all men from earth depart, they leave with a different heart.
Your time on the earth can not be, compared at all with your eternity.
For when your time on earth is done, you’ll see darkness or The Son.
Friend, Hell is that special place, so men don’t have to see God’s face.
Since the darkness was their delight, God made for them eternal night.
If Christ has saved you from the night, you will enter His Eternal Light.
For those who do believe in Christ, for them, God offers Eternal Life.
All other men upon their last breath, shall descend into eternal death.
For unbelievers there is no return, from the fire that will eternally burn.
In the time you have left on earth, you need to experience a new birth.
For when your time does pass away, where you go you will go to stay.


The Greatest of All Romances

To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances; to seek him, the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement.
— St. Augustine


Number and Surrender

“To each one fortunate enough to live out [this year], God will have given 365
days broken into 8,760 hours. Of these hours, 2,920 will have been spent in
sleep, and about the same number at work. An equal number has been given us to
spend in reverent preparation for the moment when days and years shall cease
and time shall be no more. What prayer could be more spiritually appropriate
than that of Moses, the man of God: “Teach us to number our days aright, that
we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12). The Warfare of the Spirit, pp.

“A New Year opens with great expectancy as if a new chapter has begun in your life. However, what about getting on your knees to prayerfully ask the Lord what He wants to do with your life this year?
Imagine, what God could do if –individual believers, would seek Him diligently. God has given us gifts and talents to be used for His glory in the body of Christ. Christians must obediently make themselves available to the Lord and willingly take on the tasks He desires for them to do. God is always looking for men and women He can use. What has the Lord called you to do this New Year? Will you prayerfully seek Him for the wisdom on how you can accomplish the ministry He has given to you?”
“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” ~2 Chronicles 16:9.


New Year – New Beginnings

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017. A new year is beginning; new mercies, new goals, new opportunities, and so much more. As many do, I like to take time to reflect on what the past year has taught me, using that as fuel to energize and strengthen me for the coming year. The Lord did many amazing works in my life this past year and I am excited to see how He will work out His will in 2017. He gave grace when it was undeserved, strength when it was not asked for, faith when there was faltering, and hope in the midst of despondency. He is a faithful God. He is a loving Savior. He is an ever present Comfort.

In accordance with His will, and in spite of a very busy schedule, the Lord continued to give me lyrics and melodies which will be copyrighted and hopefully recorded by the end of 2017. Prayers would be appreciated for:

1. Time. I cannot stress enough how much time is needed in order to hear direction from the Lord and to move according to His time table. Work has been especially busy this past semester but in spite of that, I was able to make time and will strive to continue to do so.

2. Direction. Putting together an album, as I am coming to find out, is very involved and there are a plethora of decisions that I will be and am already starting to come across. Wisdom is needed!

3. Resources. God always provides whenever it is His will we are seeking and pursuing. I am trusting that along this journey, whether it be the copyrighting, the recording, the labeling, or the distribution, that we will see our faithful Father’s hand at work.

I look forward to sharing more songs in 2017.

Gabrielle Ariana